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Queers and the Great Benefit Swindle

In Benefits, QUAC on 15/07/2012 at 8:58 am

Thurday 26th July


Vida Walsh Centre

2b Saltoun Road


This government is ploughing ahead with its devastating cuts to benefits, and concentrating on many disability benefits, including Disability Living Allowance, which many LGBT people who are HIV+ depend on to survive.

Housing benefit and other benefits which affect many LGBT people living in rented accommodation will also be affected as will cuts to many services which LGBT people rely on to offer help and support.

Come to an open  meeting to discuss how these changes will affect many LGBT people and what we can do to oppose them. Speakers will include a HIV+ gay man who has been active in the anti-cuts and LGBT rights movement for many years and will outline the impact that the removal of DLA will have on many LGBT people

We will also hope to have a speaker on Housing Benefits, who will describe the changes which the government has in store over the coming months.

We must unite as a community against these cuts and stand together.


Plans for Pride

In Pride, QUAC on 05/07/2012 at 10:21 pm

Queers Against the Cuts will be marching on the Pride Procession this Saturday 7th July 2012.  We would really welcome you to join us.

We shall be meeting up at 10.30 am next to the Manor estate agents on the north east corner of Portman Square next were it meets Baker Street and Fitzhardinge Street. At approximately 10.45 am we will find our place in the rally.

The nearest tube station to the meeting point are Marble Arch, Bond Street and Baker’s Street respectively

Please following the link below for a map of the meeting point.

If you have one, remember to bring your camera.

See you there

Out Against Austerity Campaign Launched

In QUAC on 02/07/2012 at 6:49 pm
By Anton Johnson

OFTEN the charge is levelled that with equality having been won under the last Labour Government, coupled with the so called “Pink” pound, that many in the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite and Queer) communities have become detached from the class struggle.

Well the austerity policies of the Tory Government, with its swingeing cuts on jobs and benefits, is changing that with LGBTQ community activists coming together in bodies such as Queer Resistance and Queers Against the Cuts bringing with them that talent for grass-roots activism that we saw in our communities in the 1970s, late 1980s and 1990s when LGBTQ were under attack.
Last Monday, grassroots community LGBTQ activist groups, including Queer Resistance; Queers Against the Cuts; No to Hate; Left Front Art and the NUS LGBT Campaign came together to start building for the TUC national demonstration “A future that works” on 20 October.
This positive initiative from LGBTQ community activists shows that there is still an active political LGBTQ presence and is re-invigorated by the fact that the Tory policies are attacking LGBTQ communities.
One would think from the Stonewall output that the only concern of LGBTQ people is to mimic the heternomative bourgeois institution of marriage. This may be a concern for those small numbers of privileged, in main the white, LGBT women and men who have secured some sort of management or executive position.
But for the majority of LGBTQ people – old and young, disabled, front-line workers or unemployed the reality is that their main concern is, like the rest of the working class, poverty, something that is becoming an increasing reality under the Tories.
Many LGBTQ people in areas such as London are struggling and live under the constant fear of homelessness and poverty. Many in London are being hit by the current rocketing rents.
LGBTQ people tend to be single and many are living in multi-occupancy houses in the inner city paying, high rent for squalor and in effect overcrowding.
LGBTQ people gravitate to localities where there is a large LGBTQ population so that they can live in a safer environ; this is threatened by the austerity policies.
Only today Cameron in the Daily Mail has proposed abolishing Housing Benefit for the under 25s – a group already hit by recent changes in Housing Benefit.
Many young LGBTQ people had to leave the family home as they were not accepted and for their safety, returning to the parental home, as Cameron suggests for young people, is not an option for those LGBTQ young people.
The realisation of despite the media chatter of gay marriage, which is where Stonewall and Peter Tatchell’s efforts lay, is that LGBTQ people’s fundamental rights of being safe is at risk!
This is why these grassroots community activists groups that met recognised and agreed the importance to work with the labour movement and build for the TUC demonstration in a creative way so that LGBTQ communities understand what the stakes are now.
The meeting had lots of ideas and this grassroots activism in the LGBTQ communities is what is needed as it was when Thatcher and Major attacked LGBTQ rights.
The groups have come together under the title Out Against Austerity. They will be leafleting World Pride happening on 7 July.
This article first appeared in London Communists blog
Signed articles do not neccessarily represent the views or policy of Queers Against the Cuts

Queers call for Cameron to rethink Housing Benefit Cut

In Cuts, Press Release, Tories on 02/07/2012 at 6:01 pm

The lesbian gay bisexual and transgender campaign group, QueersAgainst the Cuts, has called on David Cameron to rethink his plan to scrapHousing Benefits to under 25 year olds. “This cut would really hurt many young lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people,” Richard Farnos QUAC’s Co-Convenor said “Many havea difficult relationship with their parents quite often leading to them to be thrown out of their home.  Cameron’s plan would mean that they would have to prove that they can’t live with their parents – which is hardly conducive to reconciliation.  The consequence of this will be more exploited and homeless LGBT youth.”

Cameron’s plan, which may become part of the Conservative Party’s next General Election Manifesto, was part of a package of cuts in the benefits system announced on Monday in a speech the Prime Minister gave at Bluewater.  Cameron argued that the point of the cutting Housing Benefit for under 25 was that “the system we inherited encourages them to grab the independence, rather than earn it.”

“Indeed we find the whole package insulting, it is like reading a Daily Mail editorial,” said Richard Farnos, “it perpetuates myths like that single parents automatically get a council house or that people like to live on the dole.  Poverty is not caused by debt, family break-down educational failure or addiction as Cameron claims, rather these are a consequence of poverty. Poverty is caused by his failing economic system that even before the bank crisis led the poor to get poorer and the rich, richer.  As the libertarian socialist G. D. H. Coleonce said ‘we are not slaves because we are poor, we are poor because we are slaves’.”