A Tail of Two Prides

In Pride, QUAC on 29/08/2012 at 4:58 pm

We are not holding a meeting this month, however that does not mean that members of QUAC have not been busy as we joined the procession for “World Pride” and had a stall a UK Black Pride.

As you may recall Pride London had a financial crisis announced in the week before the event.  A plan ‘B’ was adopted that involved the parade being turned into a march and activities around Soho cancelled.

Quite frankly it was a lament from the start – it was not so much a plan ‘B’ as an abandonment of any sort plan at all.  There was no information about where the sections would start resulting in chaos.  We had hoped to march with our friends in Queer strike and Queer Resistance – but this became impossible.

Just out of Trafalgar square we were greeted by former members of the Gay Liberation Front and Campaign for Homosexual Equality.  While welcome it was somewhat a reminder of the fact that many of these older activists who gave us the liberties that we now take for granted were effectively denied involvement in the precession because vehicles provided by the Age UK Open Doors Project had to be withdrawn.

However the people I felt most sorry for were our international guest, such as the Filipino contingent.  while their display was impressive, we were left wondering of how much more beautiful if they could have the floats that they originally intended …  I overheard someone saying “this is a – disgrace… Internationally we will become a joke!”.

By contrast UK Black Pride was very different event.  Despite also making major changes (moving from Kennington Park to The Ministry of Sound) it managed to maintain its reputation for being one the most friendly and inclusive Prides.

We had a stall tucked away in “The baby box” – a small room to the side of the main bar.  Neithertheless we managed to talk a number of people and got over a dozen people to sign up to our mailing list.

  1. Hello Keep up with the excellent posts. Thank you

  2. ‘neithertheless’ is an interesting coining – but is it no usually ‘nevertheless’?

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