Queers Kettled at Brighton Pride.

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Our Press release

Members of Brighton Queers Against the Cuts were kettled and persistently harassed by the Police at Brighton Pride Parade last Saturday. London Queers Against the Cuts, who were guests of the Brighton group observed the kettling and also experienced the harassment first hand themselves.

“There seemed to have been trouble before the parade moved off – with our section mysteriously being moved to the back of the parade.” said Richard Farnos, London QUAC Co-Convenor.

The background and experiences of Brighton Queers Against the Cuts is described in  Beth Granter blog, the principal Brighton QUAC organiser

“But the real trouble began” said Richard “as the parade moved off when some latecomers sort to join the group.  Led by a belligerent steward (who at one point threaten to have me thrown off the march for asking why people couldn’t join the parade), a group of police on horseback and foot cut in front us and began to kettle the group.”

A member of the London group went forward to inform the organisers of the Parade what was going on, however he largely found them unhelpful.

However Caroline Lucas and Peter Tatchell who were marching with the Green Party returned and tried to reason with the Police and stewards.  Peter Tatchell pointed out that people were being allowed to join other parts of the parade and that assertions made by the stewards that thousands would join in were ridiculous.

Richard Farnos observed  “In a parallel discussion I had with another steward she questioned whether something ‘so overtly political’ should be on the parade at all and even suggested that somehow we would let fascists join our group on the march!”

As a result of Carol’s and Peter’s intervention the Queers Against the Cuts groups were allowed to continue but so did the harassment – all the way to Preston Park.  The contingent was surrounded by Police and people were prevented from joining.

“I saw people physically thrown back into the crowds,” Richard continued ” Indeed the behaviour of the police was reckless  and dangerous, at one point the horses were so close to us that one licked my neck.  We had older and disabled people with us and one stumble and fall and we would have all been under the horses.”

“I have been a political activist since the eighties and have been on many a demo.  The police behaviour does not surprise me.” Richard Farnos concluded  “What is a new experience however was the complete lack of support from the Pride organisers.  Are they so enamoured with the corporate pound that the plight of HIV+ people who will lose their benefits; or young LGBT people who will become homeless has no interest to them?  The day when Pride stops being political is the point when Pride will become pointless!”

  1. Gosh. The horse licked your neck? How exciting. I prefer it when horses lick my nipples.

  2. “In a parallel discussion I had with another steward she questioned whether something ‘so overtly political’ should be on the parade at all”

    The above comment from the Steward says it all.

  3. Beth I think I can understand your upset and frustration about the actions of the police and stewards.I too feel sad about this wretched outcome,sadly all too common. I also know that you have a great spirit and great energy that will win through,and that you will be supported,because this really matters.Keep fighting and we will fight with you. Sharon Mitchell(Brighton Socialist Party).

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