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Resisting Austerity

In Cuts, QUAC on 23/10/2012 at 4:17 pm

the next Queers Against the Cuts meeting shall be:

Thursday 25th October 2012


Vida Walsh Centre

2b Saltoun Road



We plan to have a round table discussion concerning the successful TUC demo on last Saturday and were to go from now.  This will include prioritizing and develop our campaigning activity.

I hope to see you on Thursday


Join Us on 20th October 2012 – March and Remembrance

In Cuts, QUAC on 15/10/2012 at 1:45 pm

Despite Cameron’s fluffy words about inclusiveness, the Tories at their conference have exposed themselves for whom they really are.  With Ministers attacking women’s right to choose; a mass rally against Gay marriage; and Osborne, the Chancellor, seeking to slash employment rights – which will drive a horse and cart through equalities legislation.  The nasty party is clearly back.  This is only the start for as the economy falters and fails due to their austerity program, they will come for more and more escape-goats.

This is just three reasons among many ConDems attacks for joining us with our friends in 17-24-30 no to hate crime campaign, Brighton Queers Against Cuts; Left Front Art; NUS LGBT Campaign; Campaign for Homosexual Equality; The London Queer Social Centre, Queer Resistance; and Queer Strike;, in a pink&black bloc on the TUC’s March for Jobs this coming Saturday 20th October 2012.

We will be meeting by the pier of the HMS President a short distance along Victoria Embankment from Blackfriars station from 11.30am.  However although the march is due to start at noon, last year the march did not fully leave the Embankment until 4 pm and  the TUC have suggested that people stagger their journey.  Neithertheless we would suggest everyone to arrive by 1.30pm.

People are encourage to dress flamboyantly, or, to give the group visibility by wearing pink and/or black.  However if this isn’t you – you will be equally welcome whatever you wear.

Later in the day 17-24-30 no to hate crime campaign are organising the 4th London Vigil against Hate Crime, part of the International Day of Hope and Remembrance for all victims and survivors of hate crime.  The London Vigil against Hate Crime is planned to take place on Saturday 20th October between 7pm to 9pm at Trafalgar square.

It is a long day so we would advise that people bring water and some food with them, along with a camera.


Westminster station, the only fully physically accessible tube station close to the march route, will be closed on the day. Blackfriars includes a National Rail and a tube station; the latter may be accessible to people with some impairments, but includes a 5+ inch gap on the platform, while the former has ramps available from the train, spare wheelchairs and 24 hour assistance, but recommends notifying of any need for ramps or assistance in advance.

Ciara from Queer Resistance will be hosting a pink and black bloc within the TUC disabled people’s bloc heading the march, leaving from Savoy Street. For anyone who would prefer to join the march for a shorter distance, there is an assembly point in St James St off Piccadilly. The TUC’s page about both of these meeting points is here:

If anyone requires assistance on the day for the main bloc, contact Richard from Queers Against the Cuts on 07951 755785, or Queer Resistance are hoping to have a contact up soon. Ciara will be available to help people on the mini-pink&black bloc, and can be reached on 07505 559127.  Although we are concerned that sheer volume of numbers will result in mobile system being slow.