Cut Rents, Not Benefits – Can’t Pay , Won’t Pay – Can’t Move , Won’t Move

In Benefits on 05/03/2013 at 6:25 pm

Benefit Summit


Saturday 9th March

University of London Union (ULU)

 Malet Street

London WC1E 7HY

Cuts in benefit are an unjust attack on the poor and they must stop. People are already being driven into debt, hunger and homelessness. From April millions more will be hit by the Bedroom tax, cuts in council tax benefit, ending Disability Living Allowance and further vicious cuts. In one of the richest countries in the world, the rise of foodbanks, destitution and poverty is not acceptable. People receiving benefits did not cause the banking and economic crisis and we do not accept them being scapegoated to pay for it. The Campaign for Benefit Justice has called a summit event on 9 March in central London, bringing together tenants, disabled people, trade unions, the unpaid and the low paid as one national voice to end the war on the poor.

Collecting unpaid corporate tax, capping private rents, insulating, repairing and greening homes and building 100,000 first-class council homes would be a sane and just way to raise funds, build for growth and cut bills and rents.

Register For The Summit

Download Leaflet for the Summit

Benefit Justice Campaign A4 poster

  1. for ‘upstart’ / NIGRA website?

  2. This is just absurd.

  3. Possibly not all that important – but you may like to keep up.

  4. Make of this what you will…

  5. Interesting – if long-winded (apart from the drivel about Kaiser Bill being an “autocrat” (Germany was a federation and the federal / ‘imperial’ level had full (male-)adult franchise). I hadn’t realised that there was a ‘financial crisis’ in 1907, and this man’s problem seems to be that the Krauts got over it first. And that they need to be put in their box again (?).

  6. Says it all really…

  7. In some ways this is quite amusing – another academic letting all his prejudices hang out – but it is NornIrl and there is a strenuous move by a Paul Givans DUP MLA to restrict queer peoples rights. It is a ‘private member’s’ motion, but that is clearly baloney, and some RC priests (or possibly the Church as a body) are / is backing it, in a queer-bashers love-in. Ó Fiaich the Primate in 1982 had to send a (very) private letter to the SofS trying to stop the extension of the ’67 Act – times don’t always change for the better. The Church’s stated opposition puts a lot of MLA’s in a quandary, there are seriously committed Catholics in Alliance, and the SDLP, and even some Sinn Féin MLAs will be uncomfortable at the least if the crozier is wielded vigorously. SF is used to being denounced from the pulpit, Gerry Adams is the only serious Catholic in the leadership, but the rank and file may get skittish – conversely they may take the attitude that SF is used to this sort of thing, and the priests can get lost. Givans (one of the younger MLAs) is absolutely delighted at this unexpected alliance. My point is that a situation whereby not only can they stop ‘gay marriage’ – they have refused to legislate on the matter, – we may have our rights pushed back. The Waterfront Hall in Belfast had a hugely well-attended rally supporting Ashers last Friday. Enthusiastic homophobes came from Fermanagh on a wet night just to support Ashers – the place is getting worse. Jeff Dudgeon was refused the Ulster Unionist candidacy for Belfast, South on purely homophobic grounds. And the Agent said so in so many words.

  8. Terry, I think the first thing to do is ask where these ‘facts and figures’ come from – they look suspiciously like those of Iris Robinson’s “lovely psychiatrist” some years ago – you’ll recall he was involved on a fundamentalist Protestant set-up in the US which was a bunch of homophobic psychologists in Christian Colleges. I seem to real that they were usually the only ‘scientific’ department in the ‘colleges’. I am contemplating doing a Guy Fawkes on ‘Stor-mount’. I’m not entirely sure why I am so angry about this, it is par for this particular course. Can we not get Seán óg to do a suicide bomb effort on the Stormont canteen? (About half the staff are Gay unfortunately – clearly our wonderful public representatives either don’t notice or are genuine hypocrites. Maybe a ‘shocked and horrified’ letter to the press about the matter might be worthwhile.

  9. Fascinatin’ stuff – the Éire Establishment is dying to pull a similar stunt re: thee 9eetoral) advance of Sinn Féin. Unfortunately, Ruth Dudley Edwards was first out of the slips – not smart. The shooting at the boxing weigh-in was so clearly a matter of sleazy DUblin criminals that the ‘criminal conspiracy’ jibe at SF has been shop-soied already. It’s difficult to know what ones next, but it is going to get hot’n’heavy in the run-up to election day. Or maybe the Major Parties will back off and watch to see whose will breaks first – and asks SF to go into givernemt with them. SF will have to be careful too, it would be better (if they do as well as expected) to lash something up with the horde of Independents, and smaller parties. The more in such a coalition the stronger SF’s position will be, Titcjhy parties are not going to say “No” to Cabinet posts. Feargus Ó R is in New Zealand, he must have stopped sleeping….

  10. Interesting stuff DV is the work of a musician of what Americans call (or called) ‘East Indians’ – presumably as opposed to West Indians (used to mean retired slave drivers / owners who settled in England with their (probably £b[illions] in today’s money) and not Black / Afro-Caribbean people. Or ‘Redskins’ aka American Indians.

  11. Interesting – Clare couldn’t get a job for five years after graduation because she wouldn’t push the ‘revisionist’ line. She was Fianna Fáil / De Valera Republican rather than Sinn Féin, but they were adamant. David FitzPatrick (Australian Irish Catholic / Communist Party background – kid brother of the heavy duty Leftisdt Sheila FitzPatrick the History Prof (former, I think, she’s not young) Chicago Uni. Forced his students to toe the revisionist line, or get dud degrees, and not job recommendations. Clare held out and got a job teaching in a nun-run College in the West (outside Galway city).

  12. Anybody interested? Arranging accommodation well in advance would be smart.

  13. You might find this interesting (if rather confusing for ‘outsiders’)

  14. I remember the A4 fold-over mag *Sir Gay *- on sale from the news vendor opposite City Hall in 1960s Belshaft, where did he source them from? It’s hardly the sort of thing that immediately came, one assumes, to the average paper-seller mind. Mind you, it was close to the town’s busiest cottage, and you could hardly not notice the traffic especially at rush hour and on the Sabbath. Yes! The Ulster Sabbath! When all the spoilsports and prune-faced prudes were otherwise engaged. I didn’t get to the event because I’ve just encountered this message. Drat! drat!! and triple drat!!!

  15. The end of the US working class?

  16. Not everyone will be interested in ‘politics’ but this looks generally interesting. Pity US politics is a Republicrat stitch-up. There are usually scores of people standing in the Presidential election. The Socialist Party of the USA has put up Prez & VP candidates since the 1860s!

  17. Wonder who was doing the fucking? Asked he, in an innocent tone of voice….

  18. The ‘white trash’ article is very interesting, if rather too long and discursive.

  19. This could be the beginning if a l-o-n-g dispute, or t could be suppressed.

  20. An ANC goverrnemnt did this – Mandekla foresaw this sort of thing, and did not die a happy man.

  21. Interesting the way Redmond’s reputation has become so precious to the *Irish Times* / Dublin 4 nexus – though the latter is dissipating as RTÉ is less of a ‘Sticky’ / anti-Provi closed shop. Ex-Prez (of the Republic) McAleese got hassled by them – but being a bit of a Belfast hard chaw, she survived and flourished.

  22. Bit overly crude, but very funny and accurate – ye’d have imagined they’d have flounced out by now, leaving us all having to faffle about with passports – even though travelling from Dublin to Holyhead they already demand passports. Lord knows why your average ‘terrorist’ is hardly going to carry a genuine one. They also hassle Scandinavian kids with backpacks – one teeters on the brink of telling them ‘terrorists’ are more likely to be driving trucks or Mercs than walking off the boat onto a coach or train which the Polis can stop and board at any point.

  23. Anybody interested? Belfast – Sligo is about two and a half hours by public transport.

  24. Another small problem is thirty doller books, I noticed that, up to the mid-1980s, books in / from the US were strikingly cheap, much cheaper than in the UK, there wasn’t an Irish publishing industry at that time. There had been the beginnings of one in the 1910s to 1930s. At this point one is supposed to blame CENSORSHIP, which only ‘Éire’ and Red Russia had, (if you believe that…) the industry shrivelled because of WW2. Newspapers were A3 fold-overs, because the IFS was still tied-in to the ‘United Kingdom’ economy. It provided GB with cheap food, and muscle in the form of migrant women and men. Many of them highly skilled despite carefully fortered twaddle. GB did not feel the need to provide ‘Éire’ with anything. and the authorities were mean to the point of endangering their own economy. The Irish Defence Forces took to buying their material in Sweden. There is now a flourishing Irish publishing industry. Due, largely, to a number of enterprising Englishmen…

  25. This is largely piffle, but then…4

  26. Probably the death-rattle of the ‘Irish War of Independence as sectarian pogrom’ spin. It’s interesting that those pushing this ‘line’ never mention The North – where Catholics *were* being pogromised and pushed out of whole towns, in their thousands.

  27. Apologies if you’ve already got this information – it’s a bit redundant in sunny Belshaft

  28. Why the hurry, I hardly got a good skelly at those… handbags…. What else would I be gawping at?

  29. Lawrence H. Summers – a guilty conservative?

  30. Ye could – almost – feel sorry for these nutmegs, what on Earth are they going to do when Barack* HUSSEI**N *O’Bama retires back to academia, opens his Library and writes his memoirs?

  31. Probably meaningless to most. I don’t think the guns will come out again, but Westminster and Leinster House (where the Dáil sits) may be less smug. Probably A Good Thing…

  32. I think we are going to have to dump the phrase “It couldn’t get worse…”.

  33. In case you missed this…

  34. I thunk CC O’Booze was one of nature’s extremists.

  35. A bit o’ culture – some of ye need it – some interesting stuff here. Don’t know about the copyright situation, but if the stuff is up on the ‘net, presumably putting some up on the NIGRA / upstart ‘site is kosher….

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  36. Read and try not to smirk too broadly.

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  37. Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  38. Drop me a line if you don’t want this stuff.

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  39. Fascinatin’ stuff – Fearghus (economics corresppondent for RTÉ for twenty years) tends to know what way is up in such matters. hilip isn’t a unce either.

  40. Ant ‘society’ could also be described as feudal. The Daily Blackshirt make yet anothrr horlicks…

  41. A string of ‘wee notions’ held together by gossipy gobbets of information? Or the genuine article[s]?

  42. Sorry if I’m being a bit ‘promiscuous’ here – but this seems to me inherently interesting as an insight into Irish society.

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  43. Fair enough – up to a point. But the EU wouldn’t be a capitalist combine if the Communists and the Brit Labour Left hadn’t gone on political ‘strike’ and refused to operate the machinery of the Union. So far as the CPs were concerned it was at the behest of the degenerate Brezhnev / Kosygin Kremlin, which didn’t have the political nous to see the EU as anything but NATO in disguise. Now it is an arm of NATO, a formation that is now simply anti-Russia. Brit Labour was simply – crudely – chauvinist about the Union, it still is. Praise the Lord for Brexit.

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  44. FYI

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  45. Don’t really know how important this actually is – assuming it’s the genuine article – but; every little helps.

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  46. ‘Commissars’ get to be sexy [after all these years…]?

  47. I shudder to think how I got on their mailing-list. But FYI. No doubt we’ll have similar groups Over Here shortly – and no doubt the number of LGBT / queer people on the list will be enormous. I am – I hope – paranoid. But we are in a very odd situation in society. Despite the fact that the people at the top are incompetent [and nasty] society is relaxed and accommodating. But it could change for the worse.

  48. Every little helps – to coin a phrase.

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  49. Well, wee Tom isn’t just a petty body, more power to his… [I’ll let you imagination[s] run riot here….

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  50. This name floated to the surface a long time ago – possibly the ‘sixties, then sank again. I got the impression then that he was queer and thereby not the sort of person respectable people ought to be interested in.

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  51. Them was the days… Cumann na nGeadhal / Fine Gael – hasn’t been in power its own from this ‘twenty six [?] until a couple of years ago – and that was because it was pretending to be Fianna Fáil.

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  52. Try nt to snicker too loudly – this is Conservative USA in all its self-pitying snivelling glory.

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  53. A fine case of shooting yourself in the foot.

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