Don’t Let the Racist Divide us: Up date on demo

In Anti-Fascism, QUAC on 31/05/2013 at 9:25 am

The police have told the BNP that their demo must take place in Whitehall. They initially said they would defy the police, and continue to assemble in Woolwich. But now they have moved their protest to central London, so the Unite against Fascism counter-demo has also moved.

Don’t let the racists divide us

Saturday 1 June

Assemble 12 noon

Downing Street, London – nearest tube Charing Cross


Get to the demo from the Trafalgar Square end of Whitehall. Don’t go to Westminster – the BNP are assembling there.

Queers Against the Cuts has invited members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans  Communities to come a join them at the demonstration  called by  Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in Woolwich this Saturday

Saturday 1 June,
12 noon
General Gordon Square,
Woolwich, London
SE18 6HX
 Next to Woolwich Arsenal DLR/Rail station
The UAF demonstration has been called in response to the way that the far right English Defence League and the Fascist British nationalist Party have exploited the terrible murder of Lee Rigby. This has included the BNP targeting Lewisham Islamic Centre where the Daily Mail, Evening Standard are claiming that Michael Adebolajo has visited.
“We were all horrified by the brute murder Lee Rigby, ” said Richard Farnos Co-Convener of Queers Against The Cuts. “Including  members of the Lewisham Islamic Centre who condemned it .  On the other hand the BNP and EDL have wallowed in the Lee Rigby’s death, opportunistically using it to spread hate and violence, demonising a whole community for political act of an individual.  It would rather be like suggesting that all heterosexual men where paedophiles because of the abuses of Jimmy Saville.”

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