The fight against the cuts is also the fight for LGBT rights: the attacks on public provision will disproportionately affect LGBTQ people:



  • Young LGBTQ people a specially those abandoned by their families,  are dependent on youth, housing and social services that are to be cut, moreover increases in student fees will impact hardest on them.
  • 80% of LGBTQ people don’t have children, and the reductions of older and disabled services will hurt older and disabled LGBTQ people more as they are more dependent on these services.
  • Trans people have always had to fight for gender reassignment services; this is only likely to get harder with NHS services to be cut in real terms
  • LGBTQ parents, who are more often ‘lone parents’ are dependent on after school clubs  and other child services that are now under attack.
  • Resources that LGBTQ people depend on, such as youth centres and sexual health services will be seen as “soft targets” by central government and councils making cuts.
  • Black and minority ethnic LGBTQ people are affected by racism as well as homophobia and services for black people are some of the first to be under attack from these cuts.



  • LGBTQ people are statistically more likely to work in the public or voluntary sectors, so will be disproportionately affected by cuts to public sector jobs.
  • Mass youth unemployment often increases prejudice towards Black and minority ethnic and LGBTQ youth finding work.
  • For LGBTQ people who are estranged from their families, the impact of unemployment can be much harder as there may be less in the way of social networks to draw on for support.


Benefit Rights

  • The abolition of incapacity benefit and transfer to ESA has lead to many people living with HIV/AIDS losing the resources they depend on, as ESA fails to recognise fluctuating conditions.  This is likely to get worst with introduction of Personal Income Payments
  • The attacks on benefits rights for lone parents will hit LGBT families hard
  • Housing benefit cuts will force private tenants into the cheapest areas, which are often those with the worst social problems. LGBTQ people could be forced into housing that puts their personal safety at risk or have a flat of their own..


Other ‘reforms’

LGBTQ people are likely to hit in other ‘reforms’ to the welfare state, for example:

  • ‘Free schools’ could lead to the introduction of Section 28 through the backdoor – already Toby Young a leading advocate of ‘free schools’ has attacked LGBT History month saying “The very idea that a group of 12-year-old schoolchildren would be dragooned into ‘creating banners and other materials’ to promote LGBT week is preposterous”.
  • GP commissioning is likely to adversely affect LGBQ and a specially trans people.  For not only are most LGBTQ people not ‘out’ to their GP but health inequalities cannot be identified and dealt with at this level.
  • As part of the “big society” con-trick services are being left to already under-funded voluntary sector groups, leading to gaps. Some services may end up in the hands of conservative religious or other groups with homophobic values.
  • Economic hardship is not all we have to fear, at times of cuts and recession, social tensions rise and some people, including politicians look to find scapegoats to blame: already hate crimes are rising.


There is an alternative

Queers Against the Cuts (QUAC) is a diverse group of LGBTQ people who have come together to oppose the savage cuts to public services, job losses and the welfare state being pushed by the ConDem coalition government.


We aim:


  • To campaign and defend all jobs, services and benefit rights and oppose privatisation.
  • To highlight the disproportionate and adverse impact of the huge reduction of public spending has on LGBTQ communities.
  • To mobilise the LGBTQ communities against the cuts.
  • To promote discussion of alternatives to the cuts and reconstruction of a more LGBT friendly public service
  • To work in partnership and build alliances with others the fighting the cuts.


We believe that LGBTQ people should not be made pay for the mistakes of bankers or their friends in governments.  Austerity is not the answer – as Ireland and Greece show, cuts will only slow the economy making the situation worse!


There is an alternative, if the super-rich and corporation were made to pay the tax they legally avoid, and the resources were invested in all our futures the debt could swiftly be dealt with.


Campaigning works!

Already the Tories and their allies have been forced to back down on our forests being sold off; attempt to abolish mobility allowance to disabled people in care homes; and a group of charities, including LGBTQ organisations, forced London Councils to rethink plans to slash their grants without a proper equalities impact assessment.


However we cannot depend on consultations or using the courts. We can’t rely on the goodwill of judges, and  we need to build the biggest campaign possible to defeat the cuts, with protests, direct action and strikes.



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